Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sisterly LOVE

Charlie has decided while nursing, his new favorite pastime would be to bite his mom. I, his mother, do not think this is such a great idea. Yesterday is a day for the books. Gracie, as always, is hanging all over the chair as Charlie is nursing. Instead of just finishing as any baby should he decides it would be a good time to shock Mom. BITE. Followed by a smile. It is all I can do to not scream, drop the baby and run away, far away. I amazingly stay seated, zip my lips and flick his cheek. This is the first time there has been consequences for his actions. Completely shocked and stunned Charlie looks at me, eyes welling with tears and bottom lip out as far as it'll go, I know it is coming...wwaaaaaaaa....so softly. I somehow feel sorry for him, forgetting what he has just done to me. Gracie has witnessed this whole encounter of her mom being mean to her brother. I look at her as she is reaching to Charlie to console him. 'Oh, Charlie it's okay,' she says with her voice crackling. Her eyes are filled with tears.--Somehow I don't think they were for MY pain. Gracie then came over to her brother and hugged him for a long time. Poor Charlie.

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grandma said...

Uh-oh it's going to be interesting disciplining that little boy with the little mother hen around. grandma