Thursday, July 20, 2006


As requested, the whole gang of us. Happy and healthy at the zoo!


If a package arrives it is automatically assumed by Gracie that it is 'a package a me'(in this instance a meaning for.) So, with her 3rd birthday around the corner presents are arriving! This apron is made with love by Nana. (The headband is made with love by Aunt Elsa.)

I was eating an apple today, when I looked over at Charlie I noticed he wasn't taking his eyes off of it. He had drool coming down his chin and I felt bad for the poor boy sooooo, I let him take a couple of licks. That lasted for about three or four minutes. He screamed for about five minutes when I took it away. AND NO, he wasn't hungry at the time.

15 minutes

Mom, can I go ride my purple bicycle? (Her clarification of her purple one is due to the confusion with the other 30 bikes in the garage!)

zoo zoo zoo

A daily question I hear from Gracie, "Mom, can we go to the zoo today?"
"No hon, not today it is too windy for Charlie."
"Okay, my grandpa will take me and we'll ride the giraffes too!"