Friday, October 31, 2008


Butterflies migrate through this area starting now and going through February. We went one morning with my dear neighbor Tina--seen here in the pictures and another friend. Gracie loved holding the Monarchs and I hope to have better pictures with thousands soon!!!

EarthBound Farms

This is a wonderful little organic farm (nationally known with many farms throughout our amazing country) about 15 miles from the house with a FARM STAND!! Next year I plan to spend MANY Saturdays there with the kids. These pictures were taken at the Fall Festival.


These first pictures don't do full justice of how cute they look--especially Jude. You'll see in future posts. They went from 70's kings to respectable little boys;)

Jude's 1st Birthday Part 2

Cake eating. It's an enjoyable thing.

Happy 1st Birthday Jude Part 1

We enjoyed a nice evening with friends for his first celebration. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. Sorry about the red eye...I'll fix it one day.


My baby with TERRIBLE hair. I'm sorry Jude, I take full responsibility for it. I've fixed it now and the 'public seems to like it! Pictures to be shown later...

Yosemite September 2008

So, these pictures are priceless to me. After a LONG hike in Yosemites late summer heat and a couple of bottles of Gatorade later--check Charlie--this is what the kids looked like :) Gracie had that stick in her shoe. Jude was soooo happy to be out of the backpack! We celebrated with showers and a fire that night.

Yosemite September 2008

Beautiful scenery, no electronics, or household ammenities. :( It's a lot of fun, but a lot of work to bring the three little ones. Camping isn't what it used to be!!!

Gracie's Birthday (2 months ago. good golly)

I always plan to keep up with this blog, and as always I never seem to be able to. I just wrote the whole 'blog' story and then I erased enjoy the pictures for tonight.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Favorite Things

My Sister-in-Law started a My Favorite Things last week, I'm copying this week....
I read a book this morning to my children (a gift from the same person as above, her blog is Joyful Praise)
As I was saying, I read the book All The Places To Love by MacLachlan(author)/Wimmer(illistrator). The writing is precious and the paintings are wonderful.
I can't help it I cry and or choke back tears EVERY TIME I read this book. Go buy it or find it at your local library!!!