Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gracie's 4th Birthday, August 31st

The first picture is of the cake I decorated, it was a last minute change from a princess cake to a Shamu cake, requested by the GIRL herself. The second picture is of Gracie talking to her Papa from the ship, an early morning surprise!!! SO AWESOME!!! She is wearing a new dress-up dress from her grandma. The third picture is Gracie and her baby Emma in matching outfits...aauuuuhhh. The fourth picture is at the bowling alley with Gracie and Makena being all GLAMOROUS!!!--the way only 4 year olds know how to be! The last is Gracie enjoying Shamu's face--also her request.

Pretend Birthday

These pictures are from the Ruthers back in July. We celebrated Gracie's 4th birthday early! A fun time had by all!!!

Summer Fun

Kid Pictures