Friday, April 27, 2007


Last weekend I brought the kids to see Shamu at Sea World. We arrived early and just waited for the show to begin. Gracie mentioned that she wanted a lollipop. At first I just played it off, 'uh huh, sure' thinking that it was because there was a girl next to her eating one. However, for about thirty minutes our conversation kept going back to lollipops--NOT SUCKERS mind you. I then realized she was serious about this and mentioned to her that I didn't think that Sea World sold suckers--I mean lollipops. I tried to talk her into a cookie. 'How about a whale cookie with chocolate on it???' Thinking in my brain that I could have a bite of that. So, we stopped at the bakery on the way out. Gracie wasn't having it. 'No, I want a lollllliiiiipoppppp, they are right over here!' I followed, thinking how does my three year old know this after one memorable trip a week earlier? Sure enough. Behold, right before the exit of course there they stood. 10 ounce lollipops. 20 servings. So what does a good mom do? Yep. She is still working on it with about 15 servings to go. All for $2.70.

It's a Hard Enough Life!

Flower Fields of Carlsbad

These fields are about 30 miles from our house. They are grown for their bulbs mostly and they only sell about 4% of the flowers, if I remember correctly. Very pretty to look at. However, the workers really ruin a good 'flower' picture! :)

Jason is Gone

I won't talk about our morning, except to say it was one of the saddest mornings ever! Choke. As the ship was pulling away they were playing 'Don't Worry Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. I leaned over to a woman standing next to me (who I'd never seen before) and said, 'It almost sounds as though they are going on a real cruise!' I thought it was funny anyway! She probably thought I was crazy. I look forward to his safe return. Please pray for us!

Oh, a little you see the two 'circle holes' in the back of the ship off to the right side? Inside of those is a sonar space where they stream 'things' out of! Now you are in the know!