Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it Love?

Gracie asked for this cake for her 4th birthday. I would have done anything for her since Jason was on deployment. At the last minute she asked for this Shamu cake! Woohoo. I haven't been as fortunate this year. This is THE CAKE. Six layers, 250+ flowers, turrets...the list goes on. I have three nights to do frosting, flowers and bake the cake...wish me luck. I've procrastinated as long as possible in hopes for another bailout see the easiest cake ever. (I just had to make another link, the yearning for simplicity!)
What I won't do for that girl. I think I love her!
Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Box Tops.

For years I have put off collecting Box Tops off of EVERYTHING, from diapers, Ziploc bags, snack boxes, cereal boxes, Campbell's soup labels, the list goes on. I think as a society we should do all we can to help some poor communities (or your child's school.) Our government wastes billions while so many American children sit in spaces that they should never be exposed to. While I am homeschooling my children, it may not directly affect my family. However, something needs to be done to help these communities and there is a simple FREE solution that goes in our trash or recycling daily.
Box Tops don't expire for a couple of years, they don't take up much space and my solution is to take a Ziploc baggie and put them in. Every year or so you could donate them to a school you think needs it the most!

I started two weeks ago and already have found in my house 25 Tops...Spread the love people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Not.

At snack time today:

Mom, let's make Jude a big brother.



Here I am and here She is. Wow.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Mom did you know later IS today?
Tomorrow is tomorrow.
How many more days until my birthday?

9 (me)

I know, then I'll be five.
I'm younger than you.

I know, you'll always be younger than me.

I'm younger than Papa too.

You'll always be younger than Papa too.

I want a baby sister.


Family Fun 1

Sorry Jason...this was just such a funny picture:) I had to share! This picture was taken at Gilroy Gardens when our friends came up from San Diego.

Yayyy, ice cream!!!

Brown eyes. Happy hiking.
I'm cute!

Family Fun 2

Jude at the Monterey Children's Museum.
Firefighter Charlie.
Pickin' berries.
Best Friends Forever :)
Waiting for Gracie.

Updated pictures.

Since my mom said she was going to look up the blog, I thought I'd better put up some new photos! I just took them, Jude was crying, Charlie was tired and Gracie, she's just plain ol' cute.

I'll try to find some more from recently!