Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Box Tops.

For years I have put off collecting Box Tops off of EVERYTHING, from diapers, Ziploc bags, snack boxes, cereal boxes, Campbell's soup labels, the list goes on. I think as a society we should do all we can to help some poor communities (or your child's school.) Our government wastes billions while so many American children sit in spaces that they should never be exposed to. While I am homeschooling my children, it may not directly affect my family. However, something needs to be done to help these communities and there is a simple FREE solution that goes in our trash or recycling daily.
Box Tops don't expire for a couple of years, they don't take up much space and my solution is to take a Ziploc baggie and put them in. Every year or so you could donate them to a school you think needs it the most!

I started two weeks ago and already have found in my house 25 Tops...Spread the love people.

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