Friday, September 15, 2006

Eating Supper

Yesterday prior to supper Gracie had a couple of oatmeal cookies, not a good idea if you want your child to eat supper by the way! We were having chicken stew and I had been coaxing her to eat for about five minutes, 'Gracie, sit down. Gracie, take a bite. Gracie, sit UP. Gracie, please put some food on your spoon and eat it.' To no avail nothing worked. Finally Jason spoke up, 'Gracie, take a bite of your food or you will go to the corner.' She begins to lift her spoon carelessly and of course, purposefully there is nothing on it and she says, 'OOPS, hhahhhaaa' repeated over and over again. Jason and I think it is cute and smile at each other as she is busy pretending she can't get food on her spoon. Again he says, 'Gracie, eat some supper.' She replies, I'm just kidding Papa, I'm just trying to be silly.' We laugh and she ends up eating a bite or two of food, I guess oatmeal raisin cookies aren't too bad for supper!!!--I'm just kidding, I'm just trying to be silly. It isn't as funny I suppose when I say it.

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rachel said...

:) she IS really funny! i don't think there's anyone else who can make me laugh as much as when i hear about her antics!