Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Favorite Times

Papa and Gracie together again...(I tried and tried to get these pictures in order...) A day we won't soon forget!!!!

Waiting and waiting and waiting for Papa the Sailor Man to get off the ship!!!! TWO hours later we got what we wished for!!! There were family memebers that rode home with the ship from Seattle, the term for them is Tigers. I don't know why. However, our animal lover picked up on this and now we think she believes that there were ACTUAL tigers on board. They had priority in leaving the ship, and to this day Gracie speaks of the tigers and reminds us that, 'The tigers get off the boat first.'

I pray we never have to do this (underway stuff) again after this rotation!!! It's so bittersweet, knowing that we are together but soon apart once more.

Heart wrenching.

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rachel said...

hey jessica!! just wanted to say hey! and i love the blog...amusing and so cute!!