Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blinded by the CAKE

My neighbor Dianna came over the other night and brought over some monster pieces of cake at about 8pm. Dianna set them on the couch next to her. Gracie looked like a vulture circling the cake--or maybe a kitten ready to pounce on it. Either way, I thought she would ask for a piece and I would have to tell her no, but strangely that didn't happen. I thought to myself, could it be she just hasn't seen it?? I decided to move the cake into the kitchen so if by a slim chance she hadn't maybe I could prevent her from spotting it and avoid a confrontation. She came into the kitchen with me, then spotted some Play Dough at the table and started to play. Dianna and I continued to chat for about 10 minutes, we started to wrap up our conversation and I walked her to the door. Prior to closing the door I thanked her again for the cake. I hear my daughter JUMPING off the chair RUNNING through the house to me, 'CAKE? WHAT CAKE? WHERE IS THE CAKE????' Stammering over my words, 'Ah, ummm, honey, there won't be any cake tonight.' A simple sad, 'oh' is her reply to her mean depriving mother who will shortly there after stuff her face with a piece of delicious cake.


FeeDee said...

Oh, you've gotta love that selective hearing don't you? You can tell them 50 times to pick something up and they won't hear a word, yet they hear the word "cake" from 3 rooms over!!!

Anonymous said...

She gets that from me.