Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Disclaimer: Just to let everyone know, this picture was taken a week or two prior to me birthing Charlie.
The other day I was feeding Charlie. He of course was staring at Gracie. I said to him, 'Papaaa,' of course that didn't work. However, Gracie's head snapped my direction and said, 'He's Papa?' I said, 'sure, and you can be Mama.' Without missing a step Gracie said, 'and you can be a hungry HIPPO!'

Now that is funny stuff if you ask me! I had thought ahead thinking she would have said and you can be, a hippo is what I am! I told Jason he shouldn't have taken my picture in front of the hippo sign at the zoo!!! Now she is totally confused!!!

Just look at the sign in the background of this picture!!!--If only I knew how to edit pictures I'd zoom in! Thanks BABE!!! Honestly, truth be told, about two weeks ago we bought her Hungry Hungry Hippos and she is obsessed!----oooo bummer, you can't read the sign. OH well. I'm keeping this post how it is!

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Ann said...

You can read the sign if you click on the picture!