Monday, February 19, 2007

Best Ever

Jason and I tell Gracie that she is the best daughter ever, well, because she is. One sunny afternoon in Maryland (Jan 2007) Jason, Gracie, Charlie and I were in the car driving down to his grandmas house. Jason and I were talking in the front seat, I could hear Gracie in the back talking however I wasn't paying attention to her. Or you could say I was tuning her out. Anyway, Jason and I were chatting and it was nice but I realized I really should find out what Gracie wanted. I asked what she was saying and she said, 'Mom, you are the best mommy ever.' I replied back, 'thank you Gracie that is sooooo sweet.' I reached back, touched her leg and smiled at her. She repeated herself a couple more times and I had returned chatting with Jason. Gracie then loudly announced, 'Mooommm, I can't hear youuuuu!!!' She was looking for some praise herself! Jason and I lost it as I replied back, 'You are the best daughter ever!'

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FeeDee said...

Wow Jess, she is SOOOOOO beautifull!! I'm hoping to be able to come out there in September...keep your fingers crossed!