Friday, October 13, 2006


Our little girl riding her 'horse' around and around!--I think only one of them was having a good time. Poor pony.

A tender moment between father and son...

Our tree ornament!!! She loves to hang from anything these days!!!

Admiring the perfect pumpkin!!!

The family photo--taken by a stranger.

We had the BEST time the other day at the pumpkin patch. I had the kids in their country bumpkin outfits as I have done every year. Jason mentioned he was surpised I didn't have overalls for him! There is always next year!!! Gracie had a blast, too bad we can't live in the country now. We played in a hay maze finding stamps, went on a hay ride pulled by a tractor, pet and fed a few goats and chickens--throughly scrubbing our hands afterwards, rode on a pony, picked out a pumpkin and ate some yummmmmy peanuts. I love good family days where time doesn't dictate US.


mnm_007 said...

so cute

hey jess hope u guys r doing gr8:)

luv ya ttyl :)

Rachel said...

awesome pics! sooo super cute! :)