Thursday, October 19, 2006

Biggest Fan

This morning Charlie was grinning ear to ear, looking at Gracie and squealing, as he often does. I said to Gracie, 'You are his best friend.' She said, 'Well I'm not his best friend.' In an instant it made my heart sad to hear it, but then wondered who her best friend was. So I asked. She replied, 'You are.' At that moment Gracie jumped into my arms and gave me a hug and kiss. Talk about making my heart melt. I became all teary and told her I loved her SOOOOO much. I have the best girl in the whole world!!!


Rachel said...

:) wow Gracie is just the sweetest little girl in the whole world! Jessica, you really are a great mom...even Gracie can see that!

FeeDee said...

Jess you look great! Gracie and Charlie are so cute, I just can't wait for all of our kids to meet. Maybe this it really hot there in the summer? Remember, I've been in Maine for the last 3 years, we run the risk of melting :)