Friday, April 27, 2007


Last weekend I brought the kids to see Shamu at Sea World. We arrived early and just waited for the show to begin. Gracie mentioned that she wanted a lollipop. At first I just played it off, 'uh huh, sure' thinking that it was because there was a girl next to her eating one. However, for about thirty minutes our conversation kept going back to lollipops--NOT SUCKERS mind you. I then realized she was serious about this and mentioned to her that I didn't think that Sea World sold suckers--I mean lollipops. I tried to talk her into a cookie. 'How about a whale cookie with chocolate on it???' Thinking in my brain that I could have a bite of that. So, we stopped at the bakery on the way out. Gracie wasn't having it. 'No, I want a lollllliiiiipoppppp, they are right over here!' I followed, thinking how does my three year old know this after one memorable trip a week earlier? Sure enough. Behold, right before the exit of course there they stood. 10 ounce lollipops. 20 servings. So what does a good mom do? Yep. She is still working on it with about 15 servings to go. All for $2.70.

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